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Monday, August 24, 2009
Not sure what Squidoo is, but they have a great page ("lens"), written/compiled/organized by janices7, about Millenium Promise:


"Millennium Promise - A Proven Way To End Extreme Poverty. . .

. . .My Call To Action - Raise $1.5 Million

After deciding Millennium Promise was the most effective approach to solving this problem, I brainstormed to come up with ways that I could assist the charity. I like to think big! Thinking small means that you will achieve small. With that in mind, I decided that I needed to find a way to raise the $1.5 million. This is the amount necessary to fully fund a Millennium Village of 5,000 people for the initial five years. Of course, I know that it will take a village of people to sponsor a village.

Virtual Millennium Village Poverty Ladder

So to facilitate small business and individual participation, I started what is known as a 'poverty ladder' with an overall goal to raise $1.5 million. The poverty ladder is called the Virtual Millennium Village, Tanzania (since all proceeds will sponsor a village in the Mbola region of Tanzania). Millennium Promise enables folks who start a poverty ladder the ability to track all the funds contributed directly to the ladder.

Partnering with Small Businesses

I am working to find online business and retailers that will sponsor a portion of the overall ladder. For instance, [removed for Google link reasons] has generously set a goal of $200,000 to be raised by the company and their customers. They are asking customers to contribute either $1, $2, $5 or $10 with each gift purchase. And they are matching one for one the funds contributed by their customers. I have also been able to get [removed for Google link reasons] to use the same type of customer contribution and matching system so that they can ask bride's to open their hearts to the Virtual Millennium Village - Tanzania project as well.

Contributing From Squidoo & Social Networking

I am also funding the ladder by contributing my online proceeds from this Squidoo page and other social networking pages that I operate directly to the poverty ladder.

Family - Friend - Public Contributions

Finally, I am asking all my friends and family and all of you to get involved. I know that we can raise the funds! . ."

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