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Sunday, January 23, 2011
Glenn Greenwald - America's treatment of detainees

Firedoglake - Statement of Events: Bradley Manning’s Primary Visitor Detained at Quantico

Amnesty International has written a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates objecting to the conditions of Bradley Manning's detention, which was first reported here. . .

. . .The letter follows a report from Manning's lawyer, former Lt. Col. David Coombs, that the conditions of his detention temporarily worsened in the past week, prompting a formal complaint under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. . .

. . .The claim is that Hamsher has only electronic rather than prnted proof of car insurance -- the same proof she's had every other time she brought House there, though without a petition -- and they have thus impounded her car. They also, though, are refusing -- without any explanation -- to let House visit Manning despite his being on the approved visitor list. . .

. . .Jane Hamsher is with David House who is trying to visit Pvt. Bradley Manning at Quantico today while carrying a petition with 42,000 signatures requesting humane treatment for Manning. The military isn’t making it easy at all and detained Jane and David for two hours. . .

. . .UPDATE: At 2:50pm the military released Jane and David, and told David he could go off base and come back on to visit Bradley. But visiting hours end at 3pm, so Bradley won’t get a visit. . .

Tow truck driver says we also have to pay 4 time he had 2 wait for Quantico marines 2 release us: $300.

In a Yahoo article on Manning's conditions, surprised to see some comments of "He's a traitor. Any treatment is too good for him." Don't know how the powers that be have managed to transform "Leaking the lowest level of classified documents with intent to expose abuses and the reality of war" to "Traitor", but apparently they have.

Arthur Silber's post on MLK's "A Time To Break Silence" speech on Vietnam war

Gary Farber's post linking, among other links, to NY Times article on Brazil's Bolsa Familia & Mexico's Oportunidades program

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