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Thursday, October 18, 2012
A must-read post by a friend of Juan Cole in Benghazi:
"There was no request for increased security at the Benghazi consulate. There was a request for the embassy in Tripoli, but that would have had no impact at all on the attack; Tripoli and Benghazi are 400 miles apart as the crow flies, and 650 or so by road."

 Even after a decade where we went to war on behalf of WMD that did not exist, the ability of self-confident, righteously indignant people to create their own alternate reality, and to have the polite, centrist, non-partisan, establishment press play along, is still astonishing to me. It seems to me of fundamental importance that Paul Ryan must be informed there was no request for increased security at Benghazi, that by implying there was in a televised debate he misled the American people, and that he should be given a chance to undo that damage.

This is yet another thread connecting Romney/Ryan to the Bush presidency - the way they have conducted their campaign suggests that if elected, then just as in the Bush presidency, we will be governed by pseudo-facts instead of facts, truthiness instead of truth.

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